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What is house insurance?

Also known as buildings and contents cover, this is valuable insurance to protect your house and contents.  For Buy to Let properties you need specialist Landlords Cover.

Over recent years with flooding and storm damage becoming more common in the UK, it has never been more important to get the right cover in place to protect all you have worked hard for.

​How does it work?

This should be a simple plan that covers your building and contents against damage, loss, fire and theft, amongst other factors.

Over recent years, plans have had more extras added to them and now it can be difficult to make sure you have the right cover.  Comparison sites have focused heavily on price and, while this is important, it is not the only consideration.

For example, your plan may cover leaking pipes, but does it cover the tracing of the leak and repairs to access the pipe.  Some people have gone to claim for this and found that they have all the plumbing work covered, but are left to pay several thousand pounds to repair walls, floors and plaster removed in order to access the pipes.

Therefore always make sure you read the policy carefully to understand what is covered but more importantly what is not covered.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your plan will be based on many factors including the type of property, postcode, location of rivers, environmental factors, whether it has an alarm, the types of locks on the doors and windows and personal factors such as the type of job you do and whether you smoke or not.


It is also based on statistics using the above information, which helps the insurer gauge the likelihood of you making a claim.


It also depends on the level of cover you want, whether you want accidental cover, do you want to cover items away from the home and any expensive items you may have.

How do I get a quote?

                         via our contact us page and we will call you back to discuss this.

House Insurance

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Mark Davis, Taunton
Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Mark Davis, Taunton

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