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Buy to Let is becoming more popular in recent years and more of us are owning at least one buy to let property at some point in our lives.

Accidental Landlord or Serious Investor?

​Some people have become "accidental landlords" due to the stale housing market over the last few years. 

​Many more have been investing before the crash in 2008 and in fact many of our customers have expanded their portfolio's over the last few years. 

Whatever your experience our consultants have a wealth of experience in Buy to Let management and can advise whether you are looking at your first Buy to Let or your tenth. 

​More options than before

Over the last few years, we have seen a change in lenders attitude to buy to let with many restricting the type of customer they will lend to. 

This can be due to the number of loans with them or all lenders in general as well as a minefield of criteria around the type of property and tenancies available.

A number of customers have found a large benefit in using XL Financial Services as we do all of the research and checks on the lenders first, to make sure that your application goes through as easily as possible. 

With today's housing market becoming more competitive, with more buyers entering the market every day, you need to make sure your offer is the best. 

We help achieve this with fast turnaround times and clear information to the estate agent on status and speed of application. 

This can often lead to a successful offer and an increased reputation for you with the agents. 

Even if you are remortgaging or looking for a top up loan on a current property, then we are able to access deals not only from the high street, but also exclusive deals not available direct.

How can I find out more?

                       via our contact us page and we will call you back to discuss this.

Buy to Let

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Mark Davis, Taunton
Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Mark Davis, Taunton

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